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Our unique Artist Development Programs give you the guidance and Pro Access you need to advance.

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We make it easy to hire the same Top Producers, Songwriters and Video Directors as major labels.

Collaborate with Emerging Talent


Collaborate with talented, driven emerging producers, songwriters to network and make better music.  

This is the New Music Business

You can't wait for a label or manager to discover and develop you.  In this NEW music business, you need to build your own career.  We can give you the guidance, access to pros and opportunities you need to succeed.


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"I was an unsigned artist working a regular job when I found Music180.  After only a few months, Music180 had me working with pros and within a year I got signed as a full-time prouducer/songwriter."

Derek Cannavo

Producer/Songwriter signed to Marti Frederiksen & Round Hill Publishing

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