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Welcome to visitJiangsu Suxin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.Official website! Chinese English
SX-II700 LED Shadowless Light

Technical parameter
Diameter of lamp holder (MM)700
Illumination (LUX at a distance of 1M)40000-180000
Color temperature K3700±500
Spot diameter MM150-350
Illumination depth MM≥1200
Brightness adjustment digital display1-100
Color rendering index CRI≥96%
Color reproduction index RA≥97%
Surgeon’s head temperature rise≤1℃
Temperature rise in operating field≤2℃
Operating radius≥2200MM
Working radius600-1800MM
Voltage220V±22V 50HZ±1HZ
Input power400VA
Average bulb life≥80000h
Bulb power150W/150W
Optimal installation height2800mm-3000mm


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